The most flexible and value-rich program available in private aviation.
Wings Jets Members enjoy the empowerment and flexibility to choose from four jet sizes - Light, Midsize, Super-Midsize and Heavy Jets - each flight. No upfront commitment / limitation to a finite jet size or model. Enjoy the luxury of choosing the most appropriate jet size for the trip. For added customization, one may also choose from the Elite class of late model aircraft, featuring jets comparable to the U.S. fractional fleet with a maximum age of 10 years, or the Select class, with jets representing enhanced value - with no compromise in comfort or safety. Other aircraft models such as VIP Airliners, Turbo-Props. and Helicopters are also available to Wings Jets members.
The Personal Wings Membership is the compelling alternative to Fractional Jet Ownership, and offers enhanced value over Jet Cards or local Charter Companies.
Additional benefits include:

  • Low initial deposits.
  • All-inclusive pricing with rates and fuel locked-in for 12 months.
  • Significant savings to Jet Card and Fractional Programs.
  • No membership fees, acquisition costs or monthly management fees.
  • No long-term contractual commitments.


The most flexible and value-rich program available in private aviation.

  • Freedom to fly same day of joining the program.
  • Enjoy the choice of selecting the most appropriate size aircraft - each and every flight.
  • Confidence of working with your own dedicated aviation advisor.
  • Funds debited from account at fixed rates, only as you fly.


Initial Deposit



Program Benefits

  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the most appropriate jet each trip.
  • 5 Hour response time. *
  • 1 hour aircraft wait time standard. **
  • Guaranteed Availability 365 Days per Year.
  • Personalized aircraft preferences honored.
  • Complimentary Custom Catering Preferences.
  • Complimentary Aircraft Upgrades.
  • Comprehensive Concierge and Security Services.


There are no long-term contractual commitments with a Personal Wings Membership. If for any reason you decide to cancel your membership, you will receive a refund of the remaining balance in the account.


Your Personal Wings Membership can be used by whomever you designate. A valuable and convenient feature for business or personal use. Can even fly multiple aircraft simultaneously on one account.

No Expiration

Funds never expire. There is no time constraint for using the funds in your Personal Wings account. With Wings Jets there is no forfeiture of funds or hours.

  • * Seventy-Two hour advanced confirmation required during designated Peak Travel Days.
  • ** More flexible wait times available.



Fly multiple aircraft simultaneously on one account.
(i.e. Fly Board Members to meetings from different origins).


All inclusive Fixed Hourly Rates. Low Fuel Costs. No Membership Fees. No Acquisition Costs. No Monthly Management Fees.


Each flight protected by comprehensive ARG/US real-time safety auditing, aviation's leading independent safety program.


Quickest response time in the industry. Wings Jets will dispatch your preferred aircraft within five (5) hours of flight confirmation.


All Personal Wings members enjoy custom catering selections each flight. Specialty catering offerings are also available.
Other Member Benefits include Ground Transportation arrangements, comprehensive Concierge Services and Security Services. Wings Jets Aviation Advisors are ready to assist 24 / 7 / 365.


Personal Wings Members enjoy Complimentary Upgrades to larger aircraft.

Worldwide Service Area

The Wings Jets operating territory is worldwide. Personal Wings rates apply to flights flown throughout the Continental U.S. as well as within a 200 nmi radius of the borders.

Broadest Aircraft Offerings

We offer access to the broadest selection of private aircraft, through our worldwide network of preferred and certified Part 135 operators. Members have access to all aircraft models across all categories, including Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Super-Midsize, Heavy Jets, VIP Airliners, Turbo-Props. and Helicopters.

Simple Accounting

Flight Costs simply debited from your account at fixed rates, as you fly.

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“The aircraft was perfect, pilots were courteous and loved the price. We will be calling you for all our private flying.”
New York, NY

“That trip was superb ! Many thanks for making the booking process so smooth and efficient”.
Naples, FL.

“Totally amazed at how you were able to get us off the ground in less than 3 hours. We were in a pinch and we greatly appreciate the responsiveness.”
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Our [92 year old] mother greatly enjoyed the flight. She is typically a nervous flyer, but was having such a comfortable ride, she asked the pilots to circle around a bit to extend the experience.”
Boston, MA

“Wings coordinates everything so seamlessly. We often have complex catering and transportation arrangements and they always deliver flawlessly. We couldn’t be more pleased.”
Morristown, NJ